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Our Story

Blueberry Farm has been a grassland farm operating within the habitat scheme for the last 25 years. This scheme was terminated in September 2016. The farm is now to be partially cropped, so returning to a productive unit, but retaining large areas of grassland  as well as headland margins around the fields, hedges left thick and wild on the boundaries to retain wildlife, some new areas of transplanted oak woodland and two large ponds creating a haven for waterfowl, fish and insects. The Hawk and Owl Trust have worked extensively over this period to enhance the area for all kinds of wildlife creating a fascinating variety to experience and we are continuing to work with them to promote a bird friendly environment.  Bee hives have recently been reintroduced to the farm in a secluded remote corner so no fear of disturbing them. This is a wonderfully quiet, private environment to visit giving groups an extensive and unique area to get involved in activities, and to take some time out to explore the area and appreciate the amazing views.

Corporate Events & Team Building

The fantastic and idyllic location is middle England, so accessible from locations across the UK.

We run a selection of corporate events and activities such as; Horse Riding, Walking, Geocaching, Canoeing and team challenges for all ages.

We work with corporates and scout groups. If you have any specific needs please contact John on 07500 221 785

For special bespoke exhibitions or promotional events support you can consider Production Bureau UK

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Outdoor fun and indoor comforts!


Outdoor activities available from our site located here

 Canoeing can be arranged, entertainment and challenges for all ages. Please ask for more information.


Horse paddocks

Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Walking, Camping, Geocaching